Crosswinds “Tempest”

of Windmill Hill, MH


 Windmill Hill Kennels

       "Rough Shooting Springer Spaniels"

Windmill Hill Kennels is a breeder of Field Bred English Springer Spaniels focusing on the traditional "rough shooting" traits desired in a home & hunter companion.

Our Philosophy

If you are looking for a selective non-commercial breeder with a goal of developing the essential behaviors found the excellent field springer spaniel gundogs you should take a few moments to learn about us at Windmill Hill Kennels. Windmill Hill Kennels’ goal is to continue the traditional quest for breeding of cooperative sensitive field springer spaniels suitable for non-electronic collar and positive reinforcement training. Our goal is to provide the traditional hunter of upland birds and waterfowl an all-around excellent companion gundog, suitable for living in the home and seriously hunting in any terrain, in any weather, for any birds within the safe physical limits of a field springer spaniel. In the words of Ray Holland in his book Seven Grand Dogs, “These dogs were all finished craftsmen in the hunting field, plying their trade of finding game, pointing or flushing it, and then retrieving it. However, they were more than that – they were loved by their folks and they loved their folks." 

Donna and Tony Welcome You to Windmill Hill Kennels


This website contains information about what we are doing in the world of Field Bred English Springer Spaniels. We will be posting information about past and future AKC & NAHRA hunt tests and hunting trips, planned breedings, training we are doing, and of course about the puppies that will comprise the next generation of first class versatile home and hunting companions.


Our girl "Tempest" is as beautiful as she is talented. She is the quintessential hunting and home companion that has wonderful disposition, a desire to please, and instincts for all types of bird hunting in various types of cover.  We believe her lines should be carried on, so others can have the many rewarding experiences we have had and continue to have.

Litter Planned for Summer 2015

We will be breeding "Tempest" for her second and final litter sometime in March/April. The sire will be AFC Salmy's Powerhouse "Diesel" whom we have been watching for quite sometime. Diesel displays all the traits we look for in a sire such as calm temperament coupled with a strong drive and instinctive hunting ability that is a pleasure to watch. He is closely bonded with his owner/handler with the same on & off switch of Tempest. Calm and biddable when not hunting, then focused and instinctive when cast off. These puppies should once again be ready around Labor day...give or take. You can go to the Next Breeding page for more detailed information and the Puppies page to see her last litter at 6 - 7 weeks and how they look now a year and a half later.

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This is Salmy's Powerhouse "Diesel" who will be Tempest's Sire.

See Tempest on YouTube at "Tempest the Rough Shooting Girl"

Visit Tempest's Facebook page at "Tempest Baker-Prout"

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Tempest says, "Jump on in...The water is fine!"



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